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About the Site

We have created a website with lots of features and tools that we hope you will enjoy.  There are several weather and hunting related tools on the right side menu that you should find useful.  Navigating through the site can be done using the top menu and the side menu.  I’ll explain what each link and tool does below:

Top Menu

Home – This link allows you to return to the homepage of the website.

Kill Board – This link takes you to the current kill board.  There are two sub links under this menu item, 2012-2013 Kill Board which takes you to the current kill board and Submit A Deer which allows you to submit an entry.

Club Events – This link takes you to an event calendar which we will try to keep updated with club and hunting related events.

Forum – This link takes you to the forum where you can post topics and read topics related to the hunting club.  You need to be a registered member in order to post and we’ve included a link to register in the sub menu.

Photos – This link takes you to the photo gallery where you can browse through all kinds of photos from the club.  There is a link in the sub menu where you can upload photos to the Member Gallery.

About – This link takes you to a page that tells you about the Two Rivers Hunting Club and has useful links to download maps of the club property.

Club Rules – This link takes you to a page where you can read the current club rules.

Links – This link takes you to a page where you will find all sorts of useful links.  You can suggest a link once you are on the links page.

Game Forecast – This link takes you to a page which has a 14 day Game and Fish Forecast showing the peak feeding times as well as the lunar phase.

Site Help – That’s how you got here.


Kill Board

Our goal with the Kill Board is to have it updated daily during hunting season.  Since we are not at the club 24/7, we’ve made it where you can submit an entry and we will put it on the list.

To submit an entry, click on Submit a Deer in the menu or on the kill log page and fill in the information about the kill.  Please fill in as much information as you can about the deer and upload a photo if you have one.  We will add your entry to the kill log within 24 hours.

Club Events

We will try our best to keep this calendar updated with club events and hunting related events that pertain to our area.  You can easily navigate through the calendar to see past and future events.


Guests can browse the forum but you have to be registered in order to post or reply.  You can use the Register link in the menu to create an account.


To be continued…..