Proposed Alabama Whitetail Deer & Feral Swine Baiting Law…

As many of you are aware; Alabama State Representative Alan Boothe [R] recently introduced House Bill 43 “HB43” which would allow baiting whitetail deer and feral swine only from a container, tub, trough, or timed mechanical feeder. The bill passed the Agricultural and Forestry committee February 02, 2016. A motion to adopt the bill passed and was engrossed by the House on February 18, 2016. On

March 1st, 2016 the house referred HB43 to the Senate committee on Agriculture, Conservation, and Forestry. HB43 is now waiting for the senate rules committee to move HB43 to the senate floor. The senate can choose to vote on HB43 or let it die on the senate floor.. It’s up to Rep. Alan Boothe to contact the senate to push HB43 for introduction to the senate floor. Contact Rep. Alan Boothe (334-242-7710) if you wish to have the bill pushed for vote or to express your disagreement with the bill.

If HB43 baiting bill passes, TRHC board and officers will meet to determine the most impartial and affordable approach to baiting. Once a determination is made, members will be issued an amendment to the 2016/2017 rules. Currently, TRHC members are NOT allowed to bait animals of any type in any manner within club property boundaries. Placing corn in club maintained feeders along roads and salt/mineral blocks within perimeter of club maintained food plots is permitted.