7 hours ago

Huge thanks to everyone who helped with the planting this week. We had people on tractors from early monday morning all the way to sunday evening.
Big thanks to Mr. Randy Jones who missed a ... See more

2 days ago
Photos from Two Rivers Hunting Club's post

The planting crew is getting it done. Thank you guys for working in all that dust but god has blessed us with some rain 🌧 this morning. Send it.

6 days ago

As off October 1st hunting rules apply. No more recreational riding is allowed. You must sign out a plot or be participating in some type of club assigned work day in order to be out on the property.

1 week ago

One working and a lot of watching 😆

1 week ago

Hi Guys, I will be at the pole barn all day tomorrow handling club business, but I am going to take a break to watch the Florida/Auburn game. I have some pork chops to grill, so join me if you like. ... See more

1 week ago

Saturday Oct 5th at 9:00am is the day to pick up your club approved feeding sticker at the pole barn with proof of your hunting license and baiting permit. If you are ... See more

3 weeks ago

Please be advised

1. Each member will be required to work (3) full work days doing tasks such as helping with planting, maintaining huts, and trimming roads. Two plots will be assigned to you ... See more

4 weeks ago

The time for you to get your work days in is running out. There’s still a lot of plots that haven’t been touched yet. Remember it’s a $125.00 a day for each work day not completed. This is ... See more

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Annual New Member/DEPOSIT Meeting and Cookout…

It’s time for the annual New Member/DEPOSIT meeting and cookout. The meeting will take place at the TRHC pole barn Saturday, March 11th, 2017 around 12 Noon. Membership DEPOSITS are DUE on or before this date. The 2017/2018 club rules and guidelines will be available for viewing at the meeting. We’ll be cooking burgers, sausage …

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2016/2017 Elections Meeting & Cookout

It’s hard to believe the 2016/2017 season is coming to an end and what a season it has been! The hard work, extra effort and countless hours each and every one of you spent working at the club paid off big time! I, along with the board members and officers couldn’t be prouder to have …

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Pot Luck Luncheon & Raffle Drawing this Saturday, 09/17/16 Around Noon…

All members & their guests are invited to attend the raffle drawing and pot luck luncheon this Saturday, 09/17/2016. This is a scheduled workday so we’ll break around 11:30am and head to the pole barn for some good eats and the prize drawing. We’ll try to wrap up as soon as everyone has had an …

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The Sighting-in range is back open for business…

The Sighting-in range is available to anyone who wishes to sight in a hunting rifle. In addition to the existing twenty-five yard berm, new berms have been placed at one-hundred, two-hundred and three-hundred yards. Please place targets as near to the center of each berm as possible and no taller than five feet high. Remember …

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