FL Concealed & Carry Class Offered at Two Rivers…

Two Rivers Hunting Club officers and board members are excited to offer certified Florida concealed weapons training classes to club members and their families. The first class will be held Sunday, April 24th, 2016 from 10:00am to 3pm; at the pole barn. Class fees are $70.00 per student. Classes typically require 5 hours to complete including lunch and range time. Please bring firearm (pistol) and ammunition to complete the range test (reminder: please keep all firearms unloaded around the pole barn and sign-in area). A limited amount of 9mm pistols will be supplied by the instructors. Students planning to use instructor supplied firearms must bring their own 9mm ammo. Classes are limited to fifteen student’s per-day. If you wish to participate in the first class, please RSVP (See RSVP contact details below) ASAP. Submitting a RSVP does not guarantee your spot in any given class on any given day. Only the first fifteen RSVP’s received will be contacted to attend a scheduled class. Future classes will be scheduled based on interest.  Class size minimum is five students. Limited to two students per membership; per class.

Once you complete a TRHC concealed weapons class, the instructor will issue a diploma to each passing student. This diploma can be taken to the Warrington Tax Collector Office in Escambia County Florida (by appointment only) at 4051 Barrancas Avenue, Suite A, for electronic filing.

Appointments can be made online or by calling 850-438-6500 x3252.

By filing electronically, students should receive their concealed weapons permit within 2-3 weeks; vs. the old mailing way where permits take 6 to 8 weeks or more to receive.

 Q: I have my Alabama concealed weapons permit, “why should I attend”?

A: Alabama concealed weapons permits reciprocate in half as many states as Florida. Only around twenty states honor Alabama concealed weapons permits while over forty states honor Florida concealed weapons permits.

Q: What identification are students required to bring and what about drinks and food?

A: Identification is not required for the class but you may want to bring your valid driver’s license. Name on diploma must match driver’s license when filing for FL concealed weapons permit. Lunch will be served. Bring your favorite beverage. No alcohol until after the class.


*Participants Must RSVP with Danny Hill by April 16, 2016

 P > 850.377.4306 – E > gonehuntin110@yahoo.com